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Temporary brunch menu available 7am-2.30pm

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While You Wait…  
House Marinated Olives (v, ve, gfo)   £3-
Smoked Cannellini Bean Hummus crispy bread (v, ve)   £3-
Bread Rolls oil & vinegar   £3-
Haggis Dainty’s chilli & beer cheese sauce   £6.5
Whipped Goats Cheese smoky hummus, baked pears, salty pistachios, honey thyme oil & crispy bread, (v)   £7.5
Homemade Soup of the Day crusty bread roll (v, ve)    £5-
Sticky Korean Pork Bao Buns julienne veg and toasted sesame seed salad   £9-
Sticky Korean Cauliflower Bao Buns julienne veg and toasted sesame seed salad   £9-
Traditional Scottish Cullen Skink crusty bread roll   £6-
Popcorn Prawn sriracha mayo, charred lime, fresh coriander & pickled cucumber £8.5
Confit Calamari shredded vegetables, soya sunflower seeds & chorizo dressing £6.5
Nachos tomato salsa, guacamole, cheese & soured cream £6.5
Add BBQ beef £9.5




Thai-Style chicken curry sticky coconut rice & shredded veg (gf)    £12-
Braised Pulled Brisket horseradish gnocchi, pearl onion, carrots & crispy kale    £16-
Seared Salmon Fillet white onion cream, crispy potatoes, apricot puree, pickled cucumber, tzatziki & madras oil (gf) £17-
Fish ‘n’ Chips battered haddock with chips, tartare sauce & crushed peas   £11-
Seafood Linguini hake, mussels & prawns, langoustine bisque £15-



BBQ Jackfruit Fajita beetroot wrap, soya yoghurt, tomato salsa, guacamole & charred corn rice (v, ve)   £12-
Roast Cauliflower sautéed wild mushrooms, caper berries, salted pistachios, cress infusion & kale brittle (v, ve)   £11-




Burgers add bacon, cheese, onion rings each… £1.5
All burgers served in a pretzel bun with garlic aioli, tomato, red onion, gem lettuce, fries & slaw
Steak Burger seasoned prime cuts of beef £13-
Venison Burger lightly seasoned Highland venison £14.5-
Surf ‘n’ Turf Burger steak burger with prawn popcorn £16-
Cajun Chicken Burger 100% chicken breast £13-
Veggie Burger none of the meat… all of the flavour! £12-
Grill add peppercorn sauce, garlic butter or beer cheese sauce £1.5
All grill served with chips, braised fennel, crispy onion fritter & balsamic tomato
Sirloin Steak 8oz £25-
Rump Steak 8oz £18-
Venison Haunch Steak 7oz £20-



Onion Rings £3.5 Garlic Bread £3.5
Fries £3.5 Chips £3.5 Tossed Salad £3.5
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms £3.5 Coleslaw £3.5 Haggis £3.5



Salted Caramel Blondie pecan brittle, burnt white chocolate & vanilla ice cream (v) £6.5
Traditional Churros chocolate sauce £6-
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake  With caramel sauce and burnt white chocolate   £8-
Charred Maple Peaches  coconut granita, pistachio granola, freeze-dried raspberries
(v, ve)
Cheeseboard four Scottish cheeses, red onion chutney, amaretto quince & oatcakes

We reserve the right to change the menu without prior notice