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Probably the most famous Prosecco cocktail! You can choose the classic with a drizzle of Peach Liqueur or go for a lovely combination of Peach & Raspberry.



Absolut Citron Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice & Lime Juice. Just like the girls from ‘Sex and the City’.



Beefeater Gin & Lemon Juice are combined & poured over crushed ice then finished with a drizzle of Crème de Mure.


Classic Margarita

Olmeca Gold Tequila, Triple Sec, Agave Syrup & a good squeeze of Lime Juice. If you like Tequila you will love this…


Espresso Martini

Can’t decide between a cocktail & a coffee? We have the perfect solution. Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua & a fresh Espresso Shot are shaken together & served chilled in a …


Porn-Star Martini

Vanilla Vodka, Passoa, Passion Fruit Puree & Lime Juice are shaken & served with a shot of house Prosecco.



Best known for being served at La Bodeguita del Medio… Brugal Blanco Rum, Fresh Mint, Lime, Sugar & lot of crushed ice!



Remember Drumstick lollies? A cocktail version using Vanilla Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur & Cranberry Juice garnished with a drumstick lolly.


Frozen Daiquiri

Brugal Rum, Fruit Liqueur, Lime Juice & Fruit Puree are all blended to create the perfect alcoholic slushie treat! Choose from Strawberry, Raspberry or Bubble-gum


Posh G&T

Classic G&T with the added sophistication of raspberries & elderflower. Don’t forget to stick your pinky out!


French Martini

Created using Absolut Raspberry Vodka, Chambord Black Raspberry liqueur & Pineapple Juice.



All the flavour and creativity of a cocktail but without the alcohol!

Nairn Beach Breeze

Coconut, Cranberry & Pineapple juices. Tastes like a Pina Colada, yet contains half the calories.


Cranberry Nojito

Sweet Cranberry Juice, Fresh Mint, Lime Juice & Sugar Syrup are built and served over crushed ice to make sure the designated driver gets to join in too.


Elderflower Fizz

Enjoy the light delicate taste of hand picked Elderflowers perfectly balanced with fresh lime.

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